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Functional Fitness  Classes 

Our Functional Fitness program is our daily class WODs (workout of the day). Each day, the workout will be a different combination of body-weight/weightlifting/gymnastic skills/running/rowing/jumping. Although constantly varied, our Functional Fitness program is thoughtfully and purposely planned out week by week/month by month to maximise your progress and results.

What is the difference between Functional Fitness classes and other group fitness programs?

Our classes can be thought of as personalised coaching in a group environment. Your coaches have the time and knowledge to adapt workouts so you get the optimal desired stimulus from each day. Fit young '20something's and fit young '70something's are able to enjoy the same workout and get the same relative intensity desired at each daily workout because of the scalable beauty of it. And most importantly- youll have FUN!



Our Weightlifting Club is programmed around the olympic lifts- Snatch and Clean & Jerk. It is open to all, beginners through to experienced athletes. If you would like more information please get in touch! 

NTRS Values and Beliefs. 


Personal Training / Specialty Group Training 

We offer Personal Training, Sports Clubs, Corporate, and specialty training services. If you think we can help, please get in touch.

Online Programming

As well as on location coaching, we also offer online programming.  NTRS Performance is an online training program, covering all aspects of physical performance, recovery and competition. For more information please get in touch with us.


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Caroline Fernandez

"I am very happy to be part of the NTRS CrossFit community where I willingly put myself in the hands of great coaches who continue to help me build my strength and fitness as I get older, and who understand my limitations and adjust my program accordingly." "I am extremely grateful to the NTRS coaches who through their knowledge, depth of experience and commitment to athlete development have assisted my daughter in becoming a stronger and more mature sportsperson.  Through their creation of long term goals and their attention to detail in programming, nutrition and recovery, she has been provided with opportunities to grow as an athlete and as a result, she continues to develop physically and mentally and therefore realise her full potential."

Darren Alomes 

Before I start, I am not a crossfit person, I don't do the classes. I do however train at this CrossFit gym.

The owners Bailey and Linc bring something that is missing in the fitness arena. They bring care for the and about the members.

They care about the members as people, as individuals, and as part of their family. Physical fitness is important, and they encourage you to give your best and to turn up, but they realise the people of the gym require more than just someone telling them what to do, and to push hard, they realise the person as a whole is complex and they require a holistic approach to fitness.

You walk in the door, you are greeted with a smile and how you going. They encourage, they welcome, and this feeds to everyone.

#NTRSCrossFit is #Family


We are proud of what our members say about NTRS CrossFit. Join our community today. Be a part of something amazing.



19 Bell Street, New Town, Hobart 7008

Bailey: 0402374494  

Linc: 0411073337

0402374494 or 0411073337

19 Bell Street, New Town, Hobart 7008

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